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JCI 131 Electrostatic Fieldmeter

PI Joseph Ulanowski
Operator: Alexandra Tsekeri
Participant University of Hertfordshire
Instrument picture

The JCI 131 Electrostatic Fieldmeter is a compact and robust instrument for the precise measurement of electric fields in adverse environmental conditions. It is particularly suitable for long term continuous monitoring of atmospheric electric fields - such as those associated with thunderstorms, volcanic activity or power-lines.

Electric field measurement sensitivities of 2, 20, 200 and 2000 kV/m are provided with high precision (<1.5%), low noise and a stable zero. When used as a potential probe, well away from nearby structures, the sensitivity is about 10 kV/m for 1kV of local space potential, although critical applications should be underwritten by in-situ calibration.

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For further information about the campaign please contact Vassilis Amiridis.


This campaign has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654109.


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